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Relationship Advice Tips From an Online Counseling Life Coach

May 26, 2012

The biggest problem brought up by couples during their Online Counseling sessions have given me a lot of ammunition to offer a simple list of relationship advice tips that can help you avoid serious problems in the future. Go over this list and think about how they apply in your daily life. If you feel that you have trouble with any of these issues, book a simple online counseling session and I can work with you or your spouse to help resolve some of the issues.   Don’t Break Your Boundaries The world has changed a lot, and with it so have the basic boundaries that used to define our lives.

There was a time when no one would think of not being home to eat dinner with the family, or stopping to take a call in the middle of a private conversation. If you find yourself giving more time to people or things other than your relationship, then its time re-erect the boundaries around you and your spouse. Make a point to take at least one meal together each day.

When you are talking, even if the topic is light, turn off your phone or put it on vibrate. Only answer if it is an emergency. You will find that after a while, the communication between you has improves tremendously.

Turn Off the Computer, Tablet or Smart Device Granted you are reading this on the computer, and your online counseling sessions are on the computer, but, aside from that, take some time off. Most people spend at least three hours every day on the computer performing mindless activities.  This could be browsing, visiting social site or even playing games on the computer. Checking email is a regular action for most of us, but when you get home, there isn’t really anything that urgent that requires hours of your time in front of the screen. This time could be spent with your family doing things that strengthen your relationship and make everyone happy.

Create Free Time. There is really never enough time in the day, in the current modern society; there is plenty of activities to go around between your kids, your casual obligations, religious obligations, community outreach and so on. It’s easy to forget to spend time you’re your partner in light of all these activities. If you must, try choosing activities that you can do with your partner that will bring your closer together while accomplishing your other goals.

Beware of the Drift As people grow older and get into a routine, it’s easy to drift apart. While this isn’t a sign of loving each other any less than before, it’s easy for that drifting apart to turn into a chasm that can be breached. This often happens when couples have very different roles and lifestyles such as when one partner has a high intensity career that takes up all of their time while the other focuses on children and maintaining extended family relationships. Each person gives all of their attention to being very good at their personal lives, but when brought together years down the road, their lives no longer mesh.

Make Time for Amusement Typically, new couples spend a lot of time entertaining each other and having fun, even while maintaining their careers. That fun time together strengthens the bond and brings couples closer tighter. Often times, as people age or as the years pass, stop spending time having fun, the best relationship advice I can give you is to never let go of your desire to spend quality time having fun with your spouse.


Dr. Joseph Abraham, Online Psychologist and Life Coach. Director, Center for Human Growth and Business Insights, Mechanicsburg, PA Tel 717-943.0959 and and


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