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Relationship Advice For Couples Who Work Together

May 26, 2012

Couples who work together for all intents and purposes are the most successful. That success can bring a great amount of financial security and emotional stability to the relationship, however, the emotional stress of spending so much time together can quickly lead working couples to seek relationship advice from others or even marriage counseling.   There is more than one type of work spouses, there are those who have self owned business and bring their significant other in as a reliable helper, and there are those who meet in the office and develop a relationship that turns into a full time commitment. People who work together in close proximity for any length of time, developing feelings are a natural step. In the case of people who bring in their spouse to their workplace as a form of extra help, it can benefit the business while encouraging a sense of resentment over time in the spouse tasked with taking direction from the other. In either case, it is always to a good idea to keep clear lines of communication open so that the need for marriage counseling doesn’t become acute.   In some cases, there are couples who become very close with the people they work with outside of the marriage, while this isn’t always a bad thing; there is a fine line to be drawn. Regardless of your status, there are a few relationship tips you should follow to assure that your workplace and your home run smoothly. If you are already married, a good idea is to never let your work friendships pass their boundaries into a place where only a spouse should be. A good friendship can be shared without passing the lines of decency. If you work with your spouse, you should separate your work and personal life while in an office setting to avoid conflict.

·     Sharing your marriage problems at work, be it to your spouse or to your close friends is the worst move you can make. Most marriages have their ups and downs and sharing negative information can impact how people interact with you and your spouse later down the road.

·     If you have a close friendship with some in the office and they tell you highly personal information, make it clear that you are open with your spouse. Follow through and actually talk to your partner so that there isn’t a separate personality of you at home and at work.

·     Always be clear about your relationships. This applies to everyone you come in contact with in the office. It makes life easier and removes room for misunderstanding and increases the chances of your relationship needing marriage counseling.

·     Avoid spending too much alone time with people of the opposite sex from your office, outside of the office setting. Human are always temped and spending social time alone creates a bond that can often cross the line unintentionally.

·     Don’t mix alcohol and work, even for social gathering in the office; you should keep your wits about you.

·     Good relationship advice dictates that you should leave the office in the office, of course if you had a bad day, sharing is a good thing, but constantly spending your family time talking about work is a quick marriage killer.

·     Good office etiquette also dictates that you should avoid bringing your personal life to work. Good announcements such as an anniversary, birthday or baby showers are normal, but announcing fights and intimate details are a complete no-no.



Dr. Joseph Abraham, Online Psychologist, Life Coach and Management Consultant. Director, Center for Human Growth and Business Insights, Mechanicsburg, PA Tel 717-943.0959 and and and


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